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Practitioner Level Course

The Practitioner Course is a blend of teacher contact days and self paced distance education. The 13 teacher contact days are taught over a series of 3 modules, each 4 days long and 1 day of assessments focusing on the practical work of Bowen Therapy as well as a detailed explanation and demonstration of how the therapy works. This is supported by theory which teaches the guidelines for giving safe Bowen Therapy treatments and for running a practice.


Our Bowen Therapy course covers the following:

In the first and second unit, the Bowen procedures are learnt through demonstration, discussion and application. A detailed explanation is given explaining how and why each procedure is applied. Students are taught to put together treatment plans, and to be able to work with clients in a variety of treatment positions. 

In the second unit, there is also an important module on client assessment and treatment protocol (SOAP charting). 

Fascial anatomy is explored in depth to give a greater understanding of how the procedures impact on key structures of the body. In the final unit we also explore each different body structure affected, and examine in detail how each and every move works.

The practical component is supported by essential theory incorporating an understanding of how Bowen Therapy works, history, guidelines for use, clinical procedure and basic practice management.

Both theory and practical are supported by healing philosophy units which investigate the different approaches of other modalities, examines different individual approaches to healing, and explores the art of listening and awareness in healing which forms the basis of the Fascial Kinetics philosophy. 

All teaching is supported by comprehensive student manuals. 

Course outcome:

At the successful completion of all units you will be able to use Fascial Kinetics within the scope of practice of practitioner level, incorporating client assessment skills and deeper understanding of the technique, to assist a wide range of health problems.

(Attendance at all teacher contact days is required to be 100%)

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