Discover Fascial Kinetics and transform your life. Working with the fascial web

Learn Fascial Kinetics - A Bowen Therapy

Are you looking for a change or a new direction?
A career in natural therapy?
Practical healing skills to use on family and friends? 

Learn Fascial Kinetics and transform your life.

Our course inspires and empowers people to create healing changes in their lives, and the lives of others. Working with the fascia, the skin of the spirit, we create windows of opportunity for sustainable change: for you, your family and your community.

We have been teaching people for over 20 years, and our course is unique in balancing the science of healing with the art of healing, addressing body, mind and spirit. Fascial Kinetics is great to learn if you are new to natural health or for trained therapists extending their skills. It can be used alone, or with other therapies to achieve great results and is easy to learn and apply to achieve lasting changes.

Learn how to understand and work with fascia at the cutting edge of bodywork and natural therapies.

The Fascial Kinetics course in Bowen Therapy was researched and developed by Russell Sturgess and is one of the longest running training organizations in Bowen Therapy. Russell is one of the early pioneers who researched the properties of fascia and recognised its key importance in managing and maintaining health in the whole body.

Fundamental to Fascial Kinetics is the belief that the healing achieved by a healer is ultimately only a reflection of the healing achieved within the healer. It’s not the technique, but the attitude that determines one’s success. Exploring different healing philosophies is a key part of our course.

Fascial Kinetics currently has six Bowen Therapy Instructors teaching to provide an extensive training calendar, with courses offered in most states of Australia, and the North and South Islands in New Zealand.

For more information about our courses:

Please contact Barry Vautier - Principal of the School of Fascial Kinetics.                                                                                                              

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