Good hydration is a key part of the healing process

Good hydration is a key part of the healing processThe body needs water.  70% of the body is water. Without water we only survive a few hours in a hot climate to a few days in a cold one.many people are dehydrated due to living in air conditioned cars and buildings and thus comprisie fascial health.  The uptake of water into the fascia is important to 'fascial plasticity' and the health of cells in the body. Where there is 'gluing' in fascia there is disease.   When dehydrated, and the body tisses need water, it may take it from the large intestine and constipation is the result.

The bowen moves help to rehydrate fascia through the energetic mechanism and thus people often feel very thirsty after a treatment. If they dont drink enough water, constipation can be a side effect of the treatment!
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