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Dr Robert Schleip has generously shared this material from his Fascial Fitness workshop:

Entering the world of fascia - by Dr Robert Schleip

Welcome to an exciting new field in musculoskeletal
therapy: the fascinating world of fascia. Fascia forms
a continuous tensional network throughout the
human body, covering and connecting every single
organ, every muscle, and even every nerve or tiny
muscle fiber. After several decades of severe neglect,
this ubiquitous tissue has transformed from the
“Cinderella of orthopaedic science” into an almost
super star position within medical research . . . .

A research article that demonstrates how Bowen Therapy can improve flexibility.

Practitioner Newsletter May 2011

In this newsletter you will find:

  • The element of earth and Bowen Therapy – a continuation of our exploration of the elements and working with them in Bowen Therapy
  • More Practitioner Tips and ways to refine your Technique
  • BTFA Conference reminder
  • Marketing Tips

Fascial Kinetics A Bowen Therapy Article

This is an excellent and easy to understand article about how Bowen Therapy works, written by one of the Fascial Kinetics instructors, Pat Piper.

Fascial Kinetics Practitioner Newsletter February 2011

In This Newsletter:

Did you know this is a 4 year in numerology – lots in this newsletter on how to use this awareness to help plan your year.

As well as -

  • Helping in times of natural disasters
  • 2011 Goals and Plans for professional development
  • 2011 Bowen Conference
  • The benefits of feedback

Fascial Kinetics Practitioner Newsletter September 2010

In This Newsletter:

  • Water and our emotions
  • Marketing review for when times get tough
  • BTFA Conference Report

Fascial Kinetics Practitioner Newsletter June 2010

This newsletter focuses on dehydration and covers:
• Revision on what dehydration means (remember you did cover this in BT 1)
• Treatment considerations for dehydrated clients
• Practitioner tips for the ICV move, and SOAP Charting
• More marketing tips

Fascial Kinetics Practitioner Newsletter March 2010

Always wanted to know why clients need to drink more water after a Bowen Treatment? Read this newsletter to find out.

Fascial Kinetics Practitioner Newsletter December 2009

In this Newsletter you will find information on:

  • The Importance of Breathing
  • Fascial Kinetics Philosophy
  • New on the Fascial Kinetics website
  • Marketing Tips
  • Plus good websites to visit and books to read

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