Bowen Therapy training for the discerning healer

A unique approach to training

Fascial Kinetics is a version of Bowen Therapy which sets the standard in Bowen education. The Fascial Kinetics course honors the tradition of Bowen, but grounds it in science and balances it with heart. It differs from other Bowen schools in that its curriculum is based on a holistic model.

Originally researched and developed by Russell Sturgess, the course looks at the various relationships that exist within the body, and demonstrates how Bowen Therapy is able to assist in bringing harmony to these mechanical and physiological relationships.

Russell learnt Bowen Therapy in 1986, in one of the earliest classes taught by one of men trained by Tom Bowen - or as they were called, by one of Tom's "boys". A remedial therapist since 1980, Russell enthusiastically incorporated the modality into his already busy clinic, and on its success, changed his whole treatment protocols to be based on Bowen therapy supported with nutrition, hydrotherapy and stretching. When he sold his practice in 1994, he was treating an average of 120 clients a week. 

He was given the opportunity to begin teaching overseas in 1989, which he continued for six years before commencing teaching in Australia and New Zealand. With the continued success and growth of the school, Russell trained other instructors to teach in all states of Australia and New Zealand.

In 2007 Russell stepped down from the school, and Lynne Brown and Mark Hunter took over as the principals. Lynne and Mark have continued Russell’s work, writing new material to update and extend the course. The passion for teaching Fascial Kinetics is continues as strong as ever, and is shared amongst the group of teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

This is one of the longest running Bowen schools, and Fascial Kinetics graduates are trained to become highly competent practitioners. The course covers more than just the basic therapy, developing comprehensive skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas that will ensure you complete the course as a highly competent practitioner.

Russell's new direction:

Russell finished teaching with Fascial Kinetics in 2007. He stepped down as Principal at the same time, but still maintains an active interest in how Fascial Kinetics is going. He now runs workshops and training programs that express his passion in deep healing, or works one on one with clients combining Fascial Kinetics with his Enhances Awareness Program. He lives on the Sunshine Coast. 


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