Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit

Philosophies of Healing

What sets Fascial Kinetics apart from the other modalities is that it balances the science of healing with the art of healing and addresses the body, mind and spirit.

Fundamental to Fascial Kinetics is the belief that the healing achieved by a healer is ultimately only a reflection of the healing achieved within the healer. It’s not the technique, but your attitude that determines one’s success.

An integral part of a Bowen Therapy treatment involves listening to the client on many levels. While the physical aspects of the client’s problem are always addressed in the treatment, a gentle awareness of the underlying mental, emotional or spiritual problem can assist the healing process. A client should never be forced to deal with the non physical aspects of their problem, but space for this unfolding is always there if needed.

Many times, just listening to their client’s story in the context of their life, is enough to allow a full healing process to occur.

Every unit of the course includes a unit of Healing Philosophy and students are encouraged to explore and develop their own healing philosophy.

Healing Philosophy topics include:
  • The  healing principles behind different modalities
  • Healing is listening
  • Models of healing
  • The healing journey

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