Going deeper - 1 and 2 day Workshops for Continuing Professional Development

Fascial Kinetics workshops for Practitioners: Advanced Application and Theory

FASCIAL ANATOMY: Understanding Fascia and How it Relates to Bowen Therapy

One of the mysteries of Bowen Therapy is – how does it work? This 1 day workshop delves into the emerging area of the body’s fascial system and its unique relationship to Bowen Therapy. An in depth explanation is given of how Bowen Therapy works overall, and why the moves are done. Identify key fascial structures on the body and learn how the various Bowen moves impact on these fascial structures, and on the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic system that is all housed in the fascia.


SOAP Charting is a 1 day workshop that focuses on professional assessment skills and treatment planning for Bowen Therapists to enhance the outcomes for clients. The tools taught in this workshop ensure the practitioner presents a very professional approach, becomes more strategic in treatment decisions and can clearly measure progress.
The SOAP chart is composed of 4 elements:
• Subjective information – what the client tells you
• Objective information – your observations and the results of tests
• Assessment – changes in the conditions as a result of the treatment
• Plan – for the current and the future treatment program


This 1 day workshop explores the links between TCM and Bowen Therapy, identifying relationships between the TCM model and Bowen Therapy. It allows a deeper understanding of the important role of the Basic relaxation moves including an explanation of why we apply the basic relaxation moves in the standard Bowen sequence. The assessment tools of TCM are also taught to help enhance assessment skills to help refine your treatment plan and to work with the client to achieve total health and balance.


It has been known for some time that homeopathy and tissue salts enhance the effects of Bowen Therapy. This 1 day workshop will describe in detail how each of these homeopathically prepared minerals work, and how the Bowen Therapist can use them to help achieve a better treatment outcome for clients. The tissue salts can be used singly or in combination with excellent results. The workshop also explores the stages of disease, and identifies key elements in the disease process to help the Bowen therapist refine their treatment protocols. Working with tissue salts for specific conditions allows the Bowen therapist to expand their scope of practice. 


Advanced SOAP Charting examines and teaches advanced tools of health management, assessment and injury management. This involves a deeper understanding of the stages of injury and healing to correctly apply the precise Bowen Therapy procedures when and where required. The supporting adjunct therapies of strapping, hydrotherapy and ointments are also examined.

CLINICAL PATHOLOGY –Disease Management

The causes of disease from the Western Medical model are examined, and treatment protocols are developed for specific disease processes and more complex illness conditions. This is taught as the final day of the Fascial Kinetics training program and applies the knowledge and understanding of all previous workshops, but can be attended as a one day stand alone workshop.

General Bowen Practical Review Days:

It’s always important to revise your practical work to ensure you are still executing the moves correctly. If it has been more than two years since you did any practical review, then it is likely that your technique has become a bit rusty. It’s good to revise before your results become affected!

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