Bowen Therapy is a new concept in body therapies.

There are various ideas for how Bowen Therapy works.  Russell Sturgess, the founder of Fascial Kinetics, researched and developing an understanding of how therapy works based on the effects on the connective tissue in the body. In particular the web of deep and superficial Fascia that enmeshes all other tissues.

In theis model, Bowen Therapy achieves its profound and long lasting effects by affecting the fascia, which forms one continuous structure in the body, and is the medium through which communication between cells occur. Fascia forms the spaces between tissues and cells and is a major fluid transit pathway in the body. Blood vessels deliver nutrients and oxygen into this tissue, lymph vessels collect waste, nerves are protected by this tissue, muscles and bones are supported and encased in its structure.

Fascial Kinetics literally means ‘moving fascia’.Current research into fascia and the understanding of its properties has expanded immensely since the first Fascial Research Congress met in 2006.. 

Superficial fascia can be seen as  the clear filmy sheath that surrounds the muscle on say a chicken breast.   The segments of an orange are analogous to how fascia encompasses our body tissues. The pith of an orange surrounding the outside of the flesh under the orange peel is like our superficial fat layer. The compartments within segments separate the fluid filled tissues of the orange separating the segments in a similar way that fascia stretches into bone, separating the layers and compartments of muscle and all other tissues of the body.

Fascia is strongly affected by dehydration and inactivity. Non hydrated fascia is like the set jelly or unstirred household paint and has very little flexibility. This gives the feeling of being stiff and less mobile. Fascia surrounds and is throughout all muscles and if it is 'glued' from injury, over-use or dehydration the muscles will be less able to stretch and contract to their full potential. We feel this as "knots" or hardness in muscles.

When fascia becomes 'glued' it pulls the body out of shape. Like a spider web, any tension in one part of the fascial sheath distorts and pulls the whole structure out of shape and balance.

In a Bowen treatment, a series of selectively placed transverse moves are executed. Most of the location these moves at at acupuncture/ acupressure points. The moves creates a ripple of movement through the fascia to stimulate movement and rehydration in tiny molecular structures (glycoproteins) in the matrix of fascia. The fascia becomes more  'plastic' and less rigid . Adhesions or stickyness of collagen fibres are released. This in turn assists the other tissues of the body to function more effectively.  Nervous, muscle, blood vessels, lymph and organs – Improved function in these structures leads to improved general health and decreased levels of pain.

Fascial Kinetics, Bowen Therapy addresses the fasciae of the body.  This modality challenges, transforms and heals one of the dynamic fascial form of the body. By understanding the molecular properties of fascia explains the rationale of why a series of simple and non-invasive moves are able to achieve such profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes in client’s lives.

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