A holistic and balanced approach to healing.

Body, Mind & Spirit

Complementary or natural medicine has long recognized that physical symptoms are a reflection of an imbalance in the physical memtal, emotional and spiritual aspects of a being. Certain mental attitudes with their related emotional disturbances (stress) can have a major impact on the physical body, and lead to ill health and disease.

An integral part of a Bowen Therapy treatment involves listening to the client on many levels. While the physical aspects of the client’s problem are always addressed in the treatment, a gentle awareness of the underlying mental, emotional or spiritual problem can assist the healing process. Space for this unfolding is held. Listening to a client’s story may be enough to allow a fuller healing process to occur.

The Fascial Kinetics training recognizes the importance of awareness of the body, mind and spirit. Each training module deepens awareness and understanding of these processes.

Energetic pathways

Ancient healing traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine attribute the causes of pain and illness to disturbances in energy flow in the body. Modern science has confirmed the existence of these energy systems, and new ways of healing are now concentrating on working with and balancing the body's energy systems.

Body therapies that addresses disturbances in the energetic pathways can help to restore balance and to promote healing. Blockages in our energy flow can be released by freeing adhesions and restrictions in the fascia. The meridians that are addressed in Traditional Chinese Medicine flow through the fascia, and can be affected by fascial restriction.

New research by Dr Mae-Wan Ho, has shown that the crystalline structure of the fascia transmits instant messages to the whole body. A message transmitted by the ground substance of the fascia is received in every part of the body at the same time – much faster than the nervous system can transmit.

Bowen Therapy helps to release the fascia and remove energy blocks and disturbances so that energy can flow freely throughout the body.
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